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Affordable car service in Cardiff NSW

At Magic Automotive, we are passionate about cars and have mastered our trade to provide top of the line maintenance services suitable to get you where you’re going.

At Magic Automotive, we believe that routine servicing of your car helps sustain good engine health in the long run and also saves you from incurring continued service costs or other inconveniences. Contact us today to keep your vehicle well-maintained and ensure it stays running in the long run.


We perform logbook servicing of your vehicle to manufacturer requirements. Logbook servicing does not have to be performed by a dealer, as qualified independent repair services like Magic Automotive can stamp or sign your logbook while keeping it within the terms for your warranty.

Car Safety

Our safety inspection services cover all bases to ensure your car’s safety. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, we check your vehicle from top to bottom.

Steering Wheel

The mobility of your car and all its control aspects work in coordination with one another and should be checked routinely to ensure you have absolute control at all times. Magic Automotive performs routine diagnosis at affordable rates.

Car Modification

We review everything from your car’s suspension, shock absorbers and even make custom modifications based on your preferences. Our automotive specialists make sure you have a comfortable ride.

Car Inspection

After owning a car for 5 years, an e-safety check/rego inspection is required before renewing your registration. Magic Automotive has you covered for urgent rego inspections.